AZBUKA EL LTD founded 2007 is based in Moscow, Russia

Our business is Electrical Power Systems, Industrial Automation and Energy Efficiency markets. We offer solutions to complex tasks and challenges. We deliver modern equipment for projects in the following market segments: heavy and light industry, transport, energy distribution grids and energy infrastructure, gas-and-oil industry, commercial and real estate building projects, utilities, switchgear builders, data-processing centers, marine, metallurgy, mining and chemical industries.




We provide our clients with the best decisions and products offered by advanced manufacturers involved with the reliable distribution and effective consumption of electrical energy. Together with traditional equipment we introduce innovative technology.

Our team of competent experts will strive to increase the reliability and safe operation of your equipment and will offer you professional, technical support.


The provision of world renowned technology in order to guarantee our clients the generation and distribution of electricity that is safe and reliable and whose power consumption remains at the same time efficient and environmentally friendly.


to provide our clients with the most effective solutions to problems and advanced electrical equipment; our solutions to complex sophisticated tasks will be made in the shortest time possible and with the maximum effect for all participants.


offered by the AZBUKA EL LTD are created on the basis of cutting-edge world scientific research and development and meet the most rigid quality requirements. Our products will be familiar to both professional power engineering specialists and to end users who value safety, operational comfort and convenience, as well as simplicity in installation. All products are certificated in conformity with state safety standard requirements.


  • Electrical Equipment for Grid Distribution
  • High Voltage Products
  • Medium Voltage Products
  • Low Voltage Products
  • Relay Protection and Automation
  • Drives and Motors
  • Industrial Automation and Management
  • Energy Storage and Cooling Systems
  • SMART GRID equipment and solutions

The TASKS fulfilled by AZBUKA EL LTD

include the whole spectrum of engineering — from the designing and delivery of equipment up to its first switching on and its start-up-adjustment and commissioning. Thanks to our solutions, electrical energy and electrical equipment become:

  • Safer
  • More reliable
  • More productive
  • More economical
  • More ecological


  • Establish long-term partnerships and mutually advantageous relations with all our clients and suppliers;
  • Offer the customer a complete spectrum of engineering solutions;
  • Always to provide a high degree of quality for any given products and services.




Contact Us:

Moscow, Russia
Stroitel'nyy proyezd 7А, corpus 7, office 10
Phone/fax: +7 (495) 492-00-97



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