Our business is Electrical Power Systems, Industrial Automation and Energy Efficiency markets. We deliver modern equipment for projects in the following market segments: heavy and light industry, transport, energy distribution grid... Read more →


PRODUCTS offered by the AZBUKA EL LTD are created on the basis of cutting-edge world scientific research and development and meet the most rigid quality requirements. Our products will be familiar to both professional power engineering specialists and to end users who value safety, operational comfort and convenience, as well as simplicity in installation. All products are certificated in conformity with state safety standard requirements.



tem2power_teaser_sAir Circuit Breakers (ACB)

We are introducing new ACB generation with the solutions from 800A to 6300A  to suit any application. The ultimate in compactness and operational capability.
All models have a short-time withstand rating equal to the service breaking capacity. This guarantees discrimination, or selectivity, without further calculation because it allows short-circuit protection to be time-delayed, even at the maximum prospective short-circuit current.

tem2break_teaser_sMoulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

Ultimate Safety Breaker which exceed international standards for safety. Rated current (In) from 10A to 1600A.
Safety and protection are the prime purposes of our products. This is designed to draw your attention to safety features which exceed international standards. Direct opening action - recommended by IEC standards for machinery safety - is a feature of most models. A unique safety lock system for plug-in MCCBs ensures that the MCCB cannot carry current while being fitted or removed.

temDIN_teaser_sMiniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)

DIN Modular Protection.
Our range of DIN Modular Protection products covers ratings from 0.5A to 125A. With more than 500 items in the range, there is a solution for most applications.


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