What is a Retrofit Terasaki 0.4 kV?




Do you know how to replace old switchgear in a limited time? When installed switchgear becomes obsolete, but you cannot afford shutting down the main power supply for a long time (required to change the whole panel boards) you have an option: use Terasaki Retrofit Solution. In this Case Study you can see an example of a perfect solution for obsolete distribution equipment in one weekend's time.

Replacement of 27 Merlin Gerin ACBs with Terasaki

Client: Royal Bank of Canada

Project: Retrofit

Location: 71 Queen Victoria Street, London

Retrofit Type:

24 x Merlin Gerin Selpact 1000A to Terasaki TemPower 2

3 x Merlin Gerin DA 4000 4000A to Terasaki TemPower 2


● 27 circuit breakers replaced by TemPower 2 retrofit ACBs

● Only one weekend shutdown

● No disturbance to switchboard or copperwork

● Safe and fast

The main electrical incomer to Royal Bank of Canada’s UK headquarters in London was tripping spuriously and engineers became worried that a sudden and complete failure of the power supply could result. The faulty device, a Merlin Gerin DA 4000 ACB, was obsolete and irreparable. 26 other Selpact and DA 4000 ACBs in the switchboard were also obsolete.


Engineers had permission to shut down the main power supply for only one weekend – not long enough for the switchboard to be replaced or for any modifications to be made to the copperwork. 

What they needed? А retrofit solution. The Terasaki TemPower 2 retrofit ACBs were designed to match the connections and mountings of the existing ACBs exactly. There was no need to modify the switchboard and all 27 ACBs were replaced safely and quickly.

Retrofit Details:

  • Merlin Gerin DA 4000 x 3
  • Merlin Gerin Selpact x 24
  • Building power down: 10:00 Friday
  • 27 Terasaki TemPower 2 retrofit ACBs installed 
  • Building re-energised: 12:00 Sunday

What is a Retrofit? Retrofit 0.4 kV – this is the replacement of obsolete circuit breakers to modern devices using a standard adaptation kit for increase the functionality and reliability of switches and their protections, without change compartment and busbar low voltage switchgear, with no building works. Retrofit available for withdrawable and fixed circuit-breakers, for rated currents from 20A to 6300A.

Company «AZBUKA EL LTD», being the official exclusive distributor of Terasaki Electric in RUSSIA, manufactures retrofit the following types of circuit breakers (but not limited to):

  • retrofit АВМ
  • retrofit ELECTRON
  • retrofit AB2M
  • retrofit АЕ
  • retrofit BA
  • retrofit АВВ
  • retrofit SIEMENS
  • retrofit FUJI
  • retrofit MITSUBISHI
  • retrofit NISSIN
  • retrofit HITACHI
  • retrofit TERASAKI
  • retrofit TOSHIBA
  • and other

Modernization of equipment for the retrofit program can save up to 80% of the funds, and reduce the time for replacement equipment up to 1 day.

80% of equipment wear and domestic distribution networks is a causes of frequent blackouts and a long breaks of electricity transmission to the consumer and industrial companies.

The low voltage circuit breakers are is a heart of a distribution networks. Obsolete circuit breakers (both introductory and sectional and feeder) is main wear element of power equipment and in modern conditions they can not provide reliable protection of equipment and personnel.

Four reasons for use Retrofit system: 

  • increase safety and improve functionality, including measurement of all parameters of the network, data transmission, relay protection and extend the life equipment cycle to another 30 years;
  • avoid the construction work and save up to 80% of the funds;
  • reduce time to repair equipment until 1 day;
  • prevent stop of production lines, as there is no need to turn off the entire section busbar and work is carried out alternately on each feeder.

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